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refocus is dedicated to creating a global network of media labs to equip refugees with modern media creation skills, and to provide a platform to showcase original work and share their stories. Refocus continues to report from the front line of the crisis, and regularly engages in school communities with interactive events and media art installations.



TENS OF THOUSANDS OF TEENAGE AND YOUNG ADULT REFUGEES CONTINUE TO FLEE WAR, PERSECUTION OR EXTREME POVERTY. CRUCIAL YEARS OF EDUCATION are lost while LINGERING IN REFUGEE CAMPS WAITing FOR ASYLUM, and in turn dreams and aspirations are compromised. ReFOCUS media labs fights to change this reality by training refugees through photography, audio and video production, graphic design, media editing and computer classes. 


refugees are

displaced for

an average

of 10 years

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we established The first ReFOCUS Media Lab inside One Happy Family Refugee Community Center on Lesvos, Greece. We came back to this island, where in 2017 we taught photography and started our refugee storytelling project because the island continues to host over 8,000 refugees and more arrive every day. This community center was built with and for refugees, and it has been a dream to help this community continue to thrive. 


are 5 times

less likely to

attend school  

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OUR MAIN goal is to help OUR STUDENTS develop skills, portfolios and producing original content. exhibitions of their photography and video have been held in Greece, Poland and the united states. In addition, we're building a support network of artists and teachers to help promote them and secure employment wherever they secure their asylum. While financing is needed to purchase computers, cameras and other media creation tools, please get in touch if you're interested in volunteering as a Teaching-Artist or have any media gear that can be utilized in our programming. 

you can help

change lives

right now  

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Please consider donating to ReFOCUS because this is about real lives in need of real skills to actualize real futures.









We're DEDICATED TO PROVIDING refugEes with A PLATFORM to tell their stories and ensure they can develop marketable skills to pursue real careers and the futures they desire.

Our first 12-week semester of photography and video production was a resounding success. we're ALWAYS LOOKING FOR MORE COLLABORATORS, volunteers, teacher-artists and financial support, so GET IN TOUCH to become part of our growing family.

In solidarity,
Sonia nandzik and Douglas herman
cofounders- Refocus media Labs

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