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ReFOCUS Refugee Media Labs-

Since 2016 we've been reporting from the field in Greece, Serbia, Morocco, Spain, Poland and Bangladesh. Our Special Reports, spotlight videos and fast-paced Updates help to stay informed in an ever-changing refugee crisis. Subscribe on YouTube, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for up-to-date video reports from the field. 


We're also producing original content WITH refugees in our brand new ReFOCUS Refugee Media Labs, where refugees robbed of critical years of education are trained with marketable media skills through photography, audio/video production, graphic design and computer classes. 



the visual side of this project started back in 2016 with an exploration of the routes refugees were taking to flee war in SyriA. our cofounder DOuglas Herman wanted to communicate to his media students in Philadelphia what was happening in this crisis, so he created "InTheirFootsteps" on Instagram and took them along on a six-week investigation.


MOving from smuggler beaches in Turkey onto Greek islands, he progressed north through cities and villages in mainland greece, and up the Balkan route to the serbian-hungarian border. This gallery is just an intro to an evolving project. Follow us for up-to-date reports from the field.   


In Their Footsteps 

presenting real stories from refugees and aid workers we met while in camps, border areas and those living rough in the streets and countryside. There is not a single narrative about refugees, and It’s important to understand that behind the numbers there are real people whose lives literally hang in the balance. Each episode will center on a story as unique as the situations they face.


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