At the beginning of 2018, @1976km visited the Rohingya camps in Bangladesh. Starting from August 25th 2017, almost 700,000 people escaped ethnic cleansing in Myanmar (Burma) and settled in the Cox’s Bazar region of southern Bangladesh. The scale of this crisis is truly shocking, and the Bangladesh government and humanitarian organizations unable to help everyone. Kids constitute 50% of the population in the camps, which do not offer formal education.

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Our team organized artistic workshops and reading lessons for little children as well as photography and video classes for teenagers. Thanks to our partnership with @Mastul Foundation, which built a school in Kutupalong camp, kids could benefit from primary education and had a place to develop their artistic skills. Nowhere prior have we been so welcomed with such high hopes, and parents kept underlining education as the key to improving their situation.

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Through our “refocus” project, we hope to return in the coming months with more tools and resources and establish more permanent arts and education programming for young Rohingya refugees. For more on the situation in Bangladesh, visit our Rohingya page for a Special Report on the crisis and excerpts from our documentary series “Still Stateless.”