lifeguards who rescued countless refugees on the shores of Lesvos saw THE horror IN THEIR EYES AS THEY WITNESSED DROWNINGS AND fearED THE SAME FOR THEMSELVES. We RECOGNIZE that for them the water is NOW something to fear. BUT WE WANT THEM TO FEEL AND EXPERIENCE What the sea means to us- The pleasure and happiness it can provide. Our aim THROUGH LESSONS IS TO FREE THEM OF THESE FEARS AND HELP THEM FIND A BRIEF DAILY RELEASE FROM THEIR SITUATION.  

LIFEGUARD HELLas is a lifeguard training organization funded purely out of our own pockets and the support of people who understand our work. Our team ethos has always been to volunteer and be “filotimoi” (honourable friends). Through this, we believe that if we do good, good will come to us. 

Program COordinators: Lia Stavropoulou and Isidoros Lapsatis

Photography by: Hassan- Rough Cut media Photography Workshop: One Happy Family Community Center- Lesvos, GREECE

our main project takes place every day with partnership from at One Happy Family Community Center (@OHFLesvos). We started with just 5 young people, but this doubled within a day, and a week later we have over 75 daily participants of ranging backgrounds and swimming abilities.

now that we have an average number of 30 people per lesson we need more equipment to support our eager students. 

We require swimming wear for males ranging from mid-teens to adults. Goggles for adults, floating devices (both lifesaving and teaching equipment), as well as tennis balls, beach rackets, and a net for volley ball. We also require a range of gardening tools which we will use with the refugees to clean the beach we can use.