Sonia Nandzik


A dedicated humanitarian and public policy officer with significant experience in international institutions, namely the European Parliament, as well as practice in the field. Sonia specializes in refugee crisis relief, human rights advocacy, humanitarian aid coordination and project management. 

For the past two years Sonia has been in the field working with refugees, leading the "Fresh Response" initiative to distribute fresh cooking ingredients and desperately needed non-food items along the Serbian-Hungarian border, and coordinating with numerous aid organizations to increase refugee rights and provide daily support.  

She cofounded 1976km (now Refocus media labs) to shift the conversation in her native Poland so refugees are viewed as equals and deserving of internationally recognized human rights.



Photo: Rough Cut Media Photography Workshop Student- Eric (Democratic Republic of the Congo) 


Douglas Herman


An educator, media artist and humanitarian, Douglas has been guiding youth and refugees in developing media creation skills for the better part of two decades. To this end he founded Rough Cut media, which fights for equity in access to media creation tools both locally and globally.

In 2016 he set off to follow the path most refugees have traversed over land and sea to reach safety in Europe and claim asylum. His photo series on Instagram #intheirfootsteps (@dfherman) served as the foundation for a year-long case study inside classrooms, and the continuation of this crisis prompted him to return full-time to the frontline in Greece.

Along with fellow humanitarians Douglas cofounded 1976km (now refocus media labs) to ensure that refugees and those living this crisis have a platform to share their stories, perspectives and experiences.

”In the beginning it was all about bringing the crisis to my classroom so my students could connect with those living it every day. but now it’s about bringing the classroom to the crisis, because They deserve the same level access and opportunities that we enjoy. without it nothing changes.”

Photo: Rough Cut Media Photography Workshop Student- Melak (Eritrea) 


Aśka Dylus


Translator, copywriter, and a mother of three boys. Aśka owns a language school in Silesia and for years has been engaged in a fight for women’s rights in Poland.

As an advocate of access to culture, Aśka organizes theatrical and educational projects that promote inclusive views and intercultural dialog.

For Aśka, the main goal to cofound 1976km (now refocus media labs) was to break the negative narrative about refugees in Poland and create more open attitudes.